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Accepting EMV Payments

Preparing your business for EMV Europay MasterCard Visa card acceptance may require a new EMV terminal, or card reader and software update. TSYS is available to assist you as you prepare to accept credit and debit cards with an embedded microprocessor chip. Chip cards are in use all over the globe, and countries supporting EMV payments have seen drastic reductions in card-present fraud. That’s because EMV technology makes the card virtually impossible to copy, thus reducing the possibility of accepting counterfeit cards.

Why Adopt EMV Payment Technology?

The biggest benefits of EMV are the reduction in card fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost, or stolen cards, and the technology that supports enhanced cardholder verification methods. Learn more about the fraud reduction security features and verification technology below.

Fraud Reduction
Security features in EMV chip cards reduce lost, stolen, and counterfeit fraud. Unlike traditional magnetic stripe transactions, the EMV credit card terminals and chip-enabled cards work together to validate the card and cardholder.

Dual Verification
The EMV terminal validates or authenticates the card with the dynamic information inside the chip, and the cardholder validates that they are the owner of the card while the card is still in the EMV terminal.

EMV Credit Card Terminals by TSYS Merchant Solutions

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After October 2015, businesses unable to support chip cards will be responsible for the cost of the fraud.

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Ingenico® EMV terminals and readers include EMV technology. When available, a quick software update enables EMV card acceptance. The EMV-enabled terminal also accepts swipe, contactless, and manual payments, so you’ll be able to move all of your payment transactions to a single device. With this solution, you’ll be able accept an EMV payment and other payments, quickly and easily, and avoid fraud.

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