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Next-Generation Credit Card Machines & PIN Pads

No matter your industry or business, TSYS Merchant SolutionsSM has a credit card terminal to make card processing a seamless part of your operation. Our line of card machines is loaded with everything your business needs at the point of sale – speed, security, reliability and the latest payment options. Enabled to accept today’s payment types, our terminals give your customers the ability to pay with chip cards and digital wallets such as Apple PayTM and Samsung Pay. And, card machines available today can be updated to accept future payment options.

Ingenico® Credit Card Machine

Ingenico credit card terminals meet the most demanding expectations, offering a consumer-centric approach with large color screens, touch capabilities and a wide scope of payment acceptance.

Ingenico iCT250 & iPP 310 PIN Pad
This future proof terminal is fast, easy to use, packed with the highest levels of security and is ready to adapt to the payments of tomorrow.
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Ingenico iWL255 wireless credit card machine
The iWL255 is a portable credit card machine that's one of the world's smallest all-in-one wireless payment devices. The wireless credit card terminal is compact, light, and allows you to accept payments anywhere.
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Ingenico iWL252
One of the world’s smallest all-in-one Bluetooth payment devices. Its small size makes it easy to hold and portable while the large, high-contrast, color display is easy to see in any lighting conditions.
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Verifone® Credit Card Terminal

Verifone credit card terminals move beyond basic transactions to engage customers. They are compact, built to last, easy for both businesses and customers to use and include a variety of payment options.

Verifone VX520 & Verifone VX 805 PIN Pad
Payments are secure, quick and reliable with the versatile Verifone VX 520. The VX 520 is easy to use and can be quickly adapted for new payment types.
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Verifone VX 680
Tailored to the needs of merchants on the go, the full-function, portable VX 680 is power packed with performance. Businesses on the move will benefit from wireless connection options, lightning-fast processing and security provided by the proven VX platform.
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Credit Card Machine Features

Speed, Versatility

Faster checkout speeds allow you to complete more transactions and move customers quickly through the checkout process.

Ease of Use, Reliability

Intuitive features minimize training time and increase customer engagement. Powerful processors and multiple connectivity options promote performance and dependability.

Security and Fraud Prevention

The latest technology keeps customer data safe and your reputation intact. Every transaction can be encrypted from the point of sale.

24/7 Support

We’re standing by to help whenever you need service or technical support. Email or call us at +1.800.228.2443.

Payment Options

Today’s credit card terminals offer wide payment acceptance, from traditional cards to chip cards and contactless Near-Field Communication (NFC) for digital wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. They also are upgradeable to accept future payment options.

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