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Connect with TSYS Merchant SolutionsSM to Realize the Full Potential of Your Alliant Software.

As a preferred provider, TSYS Merchant Solutions is ready to power up your Alliant Route Accounting software and take care of all the work associated with accepting credit and debit card payments. With a simple 1-step process, we can integrate Route Accounting 2.0 with our secure payments platform and get you up and running.

The TSYS Merchant Solutions Difference

Alliant Systems is partnering with TSYS Merchant Solutions to provide a tightly integrated payment solution that is easy to use, fast, and secure.

The result is expanded functionality for Alliant Route Accounting 2.0, including the ability to securely enter credit card data and accept payments via TSYS’ state-of the art technology. The custom integration also eliminates time needed to manage credit card payments across two separate systems, and the need for office personnel to handle card payment information – making the system efficient, safe and secure.

TSYS Merchant Solutions offers advanced payment technology and security at the industries’ most competitive rates. Thanks to the exclusive partnership with Alliant Systems, TSYS guarantees they will meet or beat your current processing rates, or they will pay you up to $500.

TSYS Merchant Solutions also provides 24/7, U.S.­based support and payments expertise based on more than 30 year of industry experience.

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Why Partner with TSYS?

Competitive Pricing
Focused on the unique needs of the industry we offer a $500 meet or beat price guarantee1.

24/7 Service
We provide a dedicated account management team plus 24/7 U.S.-based customer support.

Trust & Reliability
TSYS Merchant Solutions is a leading consumer payments processor with more than 30 years of industry experience. Every day, tens of thousands merchants rely on TSYS to process their more than 44 million transactions safely and securely.

Learn more about TSYS Merchant Solutions and their payment processing solutions.

Security with TSYS GuardianSM

A suite of solutions to help protect your business from cyber criminals and the overwhelming cost of a data breach. TSYS Guardian Security Suite includes:

Industry-leading protection for credit card data that converts account information into random, unreadable formats during the transaction process.

Card Compromise Assistance Plan (C-CAP)
A unique assistance plan that provides up to $100,000 per merchant identification number to pay expenses associated with a real or suspected data breach.

PCI Validation
Assistance with meeting mandatory data security requirements to protect cardholder account information.

EMV Credit Card Terminals by TSYS Merchant Solutions

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